Imagine a team of people supporting each other to create transformative media. Imagine listening, collaborating, seeing the bigger picture, asking hard questions, laughing, delighting and ultimately creating positive impact by telling a new story in the most powerful way possible. 

My Focus

I bring a history in high-level, large scale creative production to my work in media creation. As I rolled up my sleeves years ago, as a production assistant, having just graduated with a Masters in Consciousness studies, I set the intention to learn all I could about the world of mainstream storytelling so that I could help bring inspiring work to life. I balance the heart and the head, intuition and emotions, pragmatism and magic - and I get beautifully effective projects done, with amazing people.

Over the last decade, I've honed my knowledge and skill bases to capture the intersection of social change and movement-making, impacts of power and privilege, regenerative economies, collaborative leadership and the highest quality creative output. It is the nexus of these areas of focus that motivate my desire to be in service through the craft of media and communication.

I truly believe that we are entering a time in our history where we have the challenge and opportunity to embrace adaptation and inclusivity. Our media should tell that story.

Some Specifics

  • High profile body of work including The Story of Stuff video series, the Alliance for Climate Education multi-media assembly program, and the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop video series - with cumulative views on these projects totaling over 35 million.
  • Ability to produce a wide-range of content, from smaller budget micro-docs and animations, to large-scale commercial productions and multi-episodic stories, integrated with overall brand narrative, campaign strategy and outreach.
  • Director of a department driving two-million dollars in annual revenue, and producing marquis brand-building content and social impact media campaigns.
  • Active and diverse network of high-level creative teams and industry talent.
  • Ability to manage teams and generate high-level collaboration straddling street-smart business acumen and highly intuitive, creative process.
  • Strong reputation amongst issue-area experts, industry leaders and social change-makers.
  • Member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA).
  • Training in non-violent communication, anti-oppression work, acting and voice-over skills, life coaching, and new models of leadership and collaboration.
  • Masters in Consciousness Studies, with a focus on Integral Theory.
  • Known to crack jokes at just the right time, and occasionally guilty of terrible puns.
  • Can do decent animal impressions - especially of a seal, a turkey and a T-Rex.
  • P.S. that's me in the picture above, bringing the 'tude at around age four...

My LinkedIn profile.

Erica is the consummate pro — smart, creative and driven, but also a great listener and very attuned to the clients’ needs and concerns.
— Michael O'Heaney, Executive Director, The Story of Stuff Project
Erica has been key to ACE’s success since we began the organization in 2008. I have worked closely with her and highly recommend her expertise and warm collaborative style. In particular, she has a unique ability to develop innovative strategy, then use her leadership to manage her team to execute.
— Matt Lappe, Executive Director, Alliance for Climate Education
Erica’s leadership and guidance throughout our campaign development process has been a tremendous value. Not to mention, Erica and the team are a ton of fun to work with!
— Megan Sigesmund, Campaign Director, The Advertising Council
Erica’s focus on effectiveness and attention to detail are second to none. I’ve been impressed by her creativity and professionalism time and again, and love working with her.
— Paul Shapiro, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection at The Humane Society of the United States
Erica Priggen is hands-down one of the most compassionate leaders I have ever come across. It is her compassion among countless glorious traits that makes her amazing storytelling body of work so impactful. One is always in good hands with her whether you are in need of insights, jaw dropping creativity, a loving heart, and a solid plan for success. She creates motion to move you.
— Drew Beam, Creative Director and Innovator